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Bumper music, or a bump, is a term used in the radio broadcasting industry to refer to short clips of signature or theme music used to buffer transitions between programming elements. It is also a term for music played at music venues such as concerts before show time, to “fill the air”, with a musical atmosphere. Bumper music is commonly employed when a syndicated program takes a break for local station identification or “goes to a radio commercial.” More often than not it is called a “bump” in today’s radio; NPR also uses the term “button”. It is also referred to as “rejoiner music” when the bumper music marks the end of a local break on a radio network.



Arthur William Bell III (June 17, 1945 – April 13, 2018) was an American broadcaster and author. He was the founder and the original host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM, which is syndicated on hundreds of radio stations in the United States and Canada




  • anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor:
    the legacy of ancient Rome.