Jigsaw was an English pop music group, fronted by the singer-songwriter duo of Clive Scott and Des Dyer. In Australia the group was called “British Jigsaw” due to the existence of a local band of the same name.

Formed as a six-piece band of musicians in Coventry and Rugby by Tony Campbell in April 1966, they scored a number of hit singles around the world, and released thirteen albums. The group was partly influenced by fellow British musicians The Beatles, at times sounding Beatle-esque, especially their ballads, which show leanings towards Paul McCartney’s musical and vocal arrangements.

The original line-up consisted of Dave “Biffo” Beech (vocals and drums) (born David Beech, 25 September 1945, in Rugby, Warwickshire, died 7 June 2007); Clive Scott (keyboards and vocals) (born Clive Kenneth Scott, 24 February 1945, in Coventry, died 10 May 2009); Barrie Bernard (bass guitar) (born 27 November 1944, in Coventry); Tony Campbell (guitar) (born Anthony Campbell, 24 June 1944, in Rugby); Tony Britnell (saxophone) and Kevin “Beppy” Mahon (tenor saxophone). Biffo left in the first year, and was replaced by Des Dyer (drums) (born Desmond Roy Dyer, 22 May 1948, in Rugby), who took over lead vocals.

Scott had been in Scott and The Antarctics; Dyer had played in The Surfcyders and Clockwork Shoppe; Campbell, Mahon and Beech had worked together in The Mighty Avengers; and Bernard had been a member of Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours, whilst Britnell had worked with The Fortunes.

Campbell named the band after a Manchester nightclub called “The Jigsaw Club”, but the way that he ‘pieced together’ the band from other members of existing groups also gave added aptness to the name.

In 1970, the group were given the opportunity of turning fully professional by being the backing band for Arthur Conley, on his European tour. Most of the band did so, but Kevin Mahon decided to keep his day job and left the band. In 1974, Tony Britnell became seriously ill and left the band. After his recuperation he became a member of The Sunsets, the backing band for Shakin’ Stevens.

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