RGOTR Episode 092

July 25, 2021 legacy 0

  Suspense.  Episode 29, The Diary of Sophronia Winters.  A young lady becomes enamored of a charming gent who wants to show her the hotel […]

RGOTR Episode 091

July 18, 2021 legacy 0

  The Mysterious Traveler.  Episode 21, The Locomotive Ghost.  The organ imitating a speeding train is worth the price of admission alone.  (July 6, 1947.) […]

RGOTR Episode 090

June 27, 2021 legacy 0

  The Saint.  Episode 38, The Horrible Hamburger.  Simon and his cab driving pal Louie stop at a run down restaurant for hamburgers.  They leave […]

RGOTR Episode 089

June 13, 2021 legacy 0

  Space Patrol.  Episode 21, The Forgotten City.  Buzz and Happy are on the planet Saturn, looking at a jewel exhibit, when trouble starts.  (March […]

RGOTR Episode 088

June 6, 2021 legacy 0

  The Black Museum.  Episode 27, The Mandolin String.  A dainty, mandolin playing lady asks for some wine so her obedient hubby heads for the […]

RGOTR Episode 087

May 30, 2021 legacy 0

  Dangerous Assignment.  Episode 1, Relief Supplies.  We welcome actor Brian Donlevy to the Rikki Gins Old Time Radio Show.  Brian plays a character named […]

RGOTR Episode 086

May 23, 2021 legacy 0

  Escape.  Episode 36, Ancient Sorceries.  We are taken to a Welsh town where all of the people are standing around, waiting for a man […]

RGOTR Episode 085

May 16, 2021 legacy 0

   The Crime Club.  Episode 12, Murder Makes A Mummy.  Murder makes a mummy do what?  A son of a police chief is showing his […]

RGOTR Episode 084

May 9, 2021 legacy 0

  The Whistler.  Episode 15, The Other Woman.  A lady is thoroughly convinced that her husband is fooling around with another woman.  She is so […]

RGOTR Episode 083

May 2, 2021 legacy 0

Inner Sanctum. Episode 23, The Bog-Oak Necklace. A couple of men are digging a ditch for a water pipe when they come across the long […]