RGOTR Episode 100

September 19, 2021 legacy 0

  Crime Club. Episode 13, Murder Rents A Room.  Poor Uncle Brock, found in a swamp with a bullet in his head.  He didn’t leave […]

RGOTR Episode 099

September 12, 2021 legacy 0

  The Whistler.  Episode 16, Avarice.  John has a big gambling debt but his rich wife won’t give him any money.  Oh well, a bowl […]

RGOTR Episode 098

September 5, 2021 legacy 0

  Escape.  Episode 42, The Log of the Evening Star.  A zany, fun filled journey across the sea via submarine.  Not really.  Actually there’s death […]

RGOTR Episode 097

August 29, 2021 legacy 0

    Space Patrol.  Episode 30, The Treasure of Planetoid 60.  Transplutite, a fine white powder and the official Space Patrol microscope are featured in […]

RGOTR Episode 096

August 22, 2021 legacy 0

  Suspense.  Episode 30, Death Flies Blind.  What can go wrong on a typical flight from New York to Philadelphia, especially with an incognito Nazi […]

RGOTR Episode 095

August 15, 2021 legacy 0

  Inner Sanctum.  Episode 29, Musical Score.  Murders and a maddening melody on this episode of Inner Sanctum.  (May 29, 1945)   You Bet Your […]

RGOTR Episode 094

August 8, 2021 legacy 0

  Escape.  Episode 40, The Grove of Ashtaroth.  A man travels deep into the African veldt, where he becomes bewitched by a goddess who lives […]

RGOTR Episode 093

August 1, 2021 legacy 0

  Space Patrol.  Episode 25, The Cosmic Ray Detector.  A couple of space thieves try to smuggle stolen cosmic ray detector crystals onto the planet […]

RGOTR Episode 092

July 25, 2021 legacy 0

  Suspense.  Episode 29, The Diary of Sophronia Winters.  A young lady becomes enamored of a charming gent who wants to show her the hotel […]

RGOTR Episode 091

July 18, 2021 legacy 0

  The Mysterious Traveler.  Episode 21, The Locomotive Ghost.  The organ imitating a speeding train is worth the price of admission alone.  (July 6, 1947.) […]