RGOTR Episode 080

April 11, 2021 legacy 0

  Space Patrol.  Episode 5, The Electronic Burglar.  The boys get stranded on Mars while looking for whoever it was that stole some plans for […]

RGOTR Episode 079

April 4, 2021 legacy 0

  Suspense.  Episode 26, Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble.  Somebody gets the bright idea of committing murder during a playing of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  April 6, […]

RGOTR Episode 078

March 29, 2021 legacy 0

  Gunsmoke.  Episode 14, Shakespeare.  Matt and the boys find an old actor out on the desert, and a murdered man inside the actor’s wagon.  […]

RGOTR Episode 077

March 29, 2021 legacy 0

  Mysterious Traveler.  Episode 20, Death Is The Judge.  A man and his wife buy a bell of life in Tibet.  It can bring someone […]

RGOTR Episode 076

March 29, 2021 legacy 0

  The Saint.  Episode 36, Cupid & The Corpse.  Simon and his girlfriend go to visit a man just in time to find him murdered.  […]

RGOTR Episode 075

March 29, 2021 legacy 0

  Dragnet.  Episode 13, Body Buried in Nursery.  Joe and Ben look for a missing woman. Suspense.  The Dead Sleep Lightly.  A man accidentally makes […]

RGOTR Episode 074

March 29, 2021 legacy 0

  Crime Classics.  Episode 6, The Shrapnelled Body of Charles Drew Sr.  The age old story of a son offing his dad before the will […]

RGOTR Episode 073

March 29, 2021 legacy 0

  The Hermits Cave.  Episode 18, Hanson’s Ghost.  Old Dr. Hanson believes that he can keep on living if he can find another soul to […]

RGOTR Episode 072

March 29, 2021 legacy 0

  The Adventures of Philip Marlowe.  Episode 8, Where There’s A Will.  Marlowe is hired to help four people find jewels left to them by […]

RGOTR Episode 071

March 29, 2021 legacy 0

  The Crime Club.  Episode 10, The Corpse Wore A Wig.  Definitely a murder in this one.  Someone is shot in the head and the […]